Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Challenge starts tomorrow

What the #%@$ was I thinking?

OK - so I need to visit the supermarket at 8am Wednesday so that I can buy food for day 1; but hang on a sec.... I have a primary school hearing screening clinic on Thursday and I need to be there at 8:30. So with transport I won't have a chance to shop on Thursday until 6pm. This $2 needs to make:

Wednesday Breakfast
Wednesday Lunch
Wednesday Dinner
Thursday Breakfast
Thursday Lunch

Plus snacks... Ummm

Hearing testing 50 five year olds on an empty stomach... Grumpy much?

There are a few affordable filling items I have identified, like oats for 99c or pasta for 59c. The thing is, I prefer food to be delicious. With so few options to choose, the decision seems so much more important.

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