Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 1

So yeah, it’s official.  $2.25 is not much.


On Saturday I bought my food for the 5 days:


20g sugar             6c

1t cinnamon       5c

250g oats             90c

150g lentils          90c

50g jam                40c

Noodles               60c

50ml oil                 10c

6 eggs                   1.83

2T curry pwd      18c

250g sr flour       80c

Fruit and veges 3.91 (including a tomato and a mandarin, that didn’t make it into the photo)

TOTAL                   9.73

Remaining           1.52



Day 1 – breakfast, 50g oats, 1t sugar, pinch cinnamon, grated apple, water.  Actually nice.  I always imagined this would be my favourite meal of the day.  I am wondering why I didn’t make it dinner too.

Went to a hair appointment that was supposed to take an hour but ended up taking 3 and a half.  Didn’t get home until around 4pm and I was famished.  Couldn’t drop in anywhere and get a sneaky muffin to tide me over.  *sad face*

Lunch and afternoon tea combined – 1 hard boiled egg, ¼ tomato, frying pan bread, glass of water

Moments after finishing lunch I put dinner on to cook.  Lentils, curry powder, onion, garlic, carrots and potatoes.  Should be nice!  Isn’t.  I completely stuffed up the quantities, and while I am quite sure this would have been nice I had to eek it out to 4 dinners so there was far too much water and no flavour at all.  I did eat it, but only really enjoyed picking out the potatoes.  I added some more curry powder and garlic and gave it another boil hoping it would improve overnight.

A couple of hours later I ate a mandarin of Nola’s a took the money out of my budget.


It is very clear that if I hadn’t planned out my meals so well I would have run out of food by the end of the 5 days because this is way less than I would want to eat on a daily basis.


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