Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 4

A great big thanks to David and Sandra for their gifts via Oxfam.  I have been told that total raised to date is $135.  That's wonderful.  Feel free to forward my blog to your friends, if you have found it interesting:

Breakfast - Oats.  Again.  I didn't weigh the portion out, I just eyeballed it.  Big mistake.  The water wasn't soaked in properly so they were a bit dry.  There was far too much and I couldn't finish it.  I felt like I should, but I just couldn't do it.  What a waste.

Lunch - The final 2 frittatas.  Looking a little grey now, it's been 4 days since those veges were cooked.  I microwaved them until they were piping hot to try and kill off anything gross.  Others in the office said "Oh, they smell nice".  I couldn't much agree.  A bit sick of same old same old.  Glad to see the back of them.

More free food at work for me to decline.  Corinne was so kind; she emailed me in advance to say there was fudge, that she had saved me a bit at home and she would give it to me on Friday.  Aww.

Much as it would be lovely to have cake and ice cream and a big caramel latte with a pile of whipped cream on top, what I am really craving is green veges.  I'd love some crisp steamed asparagus with hollandaise, wilted spinach with garlic, blanched broccoli with toasted almonds.  And a crispy crunch chicken schnitzel.  I know I know.  A chicken's not a vegetable.


After work I had to go to the Dr to get a vaccination in anticipation of my university placement next year.  I had a shot in my left arm last night and in my right arm tonight.  Feeling a little sorry for myself.  Poked and prodded but no jelly bean for me. 



And because I had to sit around in the office, the way you do when they want to make sure you aren't going to pass out following a shot, I didn't get home until nearly 6.  No afternoon tea to see my through.  I didn't get a chance to go to the supermarket to spend my final $1.52 so I had to save some of my dinner allocation to make tomorrow's lunch.  That made for a somewhat measly dinner.

Dinner - 3 piklet type things made with self raising flour and water, served with quite a lot of strawberry jam.  They were surprisingly nice and surprisingly satisfying. 

I had saved my last apple for supper but I didn't really feel like I wanted it so saved it for my final day.  It seems strange to think that after just a few days my appetite has changed, but perhaps it has.  Didn't finish breakfast.  Full after lunch.  Small tea and didn't feel like supper??? 



At a rough guess I think I ate less than $1 worth of food today.  It’s nowhere near enough to fill my nutritional needs.



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