Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 3

Well let me just start by saying a big thanks to Fran, Jess and Caro who have purchased items from my Oxfam wish list.  Unfortunately the Oxfam website doesn’t tell me when someone buys from my list so I only know if you tell me.  Let me know if you have so I can add it to my total raised to make this whole thing worthwhile.


Day 3 – breakfast.  Oats.  Again.  I accidentally added a bit too much water and had to keep cooking and cooking the oats.  As it would turn out they were much nicer this way.  In fact it brought back childhood memories of spending holidays at Nana’s house where Uncle Keith would wake up at 7am to make us porridge.  Lovely.  What a bright sparkly way to start the day :o)



Again with the free food at work.  Freshly baked biscuits.  None for me thanks.


Well lunch was actually 2 frittatas.  I worked out I had spare, so double the portion for me!!  I must say I did a tiny little cheat.  I took a sachet of salt from the café even though it this doesn’t really meet the rules of paying for everything you eat. 


One thing I didn’t count on with this challenge was how isolating it feels.  Sitting in the café eating my leftovers and knowing that I can’t afford to freely choose whatever I like, as so many of the people around me can.  Everyone enjoying the biscuits in the office just makes me feel “different”.  I can’t even imagine what it must feel like if I was stuck this way with all of my financial choices; not having a safe warm home or clean clothes and having no choice at all.  Beggars can’t be choosers, so they say.



I decided to keep a glass of water on my desk at all times and keep drinking it all day long which really helps to not feel hungry, plus it’s just a good thing to drink water.  Plus with the sprinkle of salt I had on my frittata… well.


Afternoon tea: ½ apple


Dinner: Noodles – yay for a break in the monotony of the same veges I cooked on Sunday and have eaten for nearly every meal since.


I have spent the last two days fantasising about how to spend my final $1.52.  Should I get a tin of baked beans or spaghetti (69c)?  Should I get some shaved ham from the deli (99c/100g)?  Should I get a giant bag of tangelos with dodgy looking skin and hope they are OK on the inside (99c/kilo)?  Should I go back to bin inn and get a mixture of lollies and salted peanuts??  The options are not exactly mind blowing, but it does go to show just how addicted I am to shopping.  Any shopping is better than none.  You’ve gotta take small pleasures where you can.


What are your suggestions of how I should spend my ever so valuable $1.52 to make 2 more meals?


This picture is irrelevant but I decided to go with a black and white theme, and I thought this was cute.





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