Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day four

I'm dying of period today.  I would really like to be cuddled up with a bowl of sticky date pudding and honey nougat ice cream.  But no.  It's sludgy yucky boring stupid soup.

So far my soup torture has yielded a grand total of $89.  I gotz to tell ya, I'm more than a little disheartened.

Please!  Buy a fricken chicken! It doesn't take wiccan to see that I sicken, I'm stricken and pained.  I'm sick and ashamed, I'm quick, I refrained from pickin the thickening comfort dessert.  It might soothe my hurt but now I assert I'll divert, I'll avert.  Just please buy a goat so and I'll quote what I wrote, it will help me devote one more day if you pay so please say that you'll buy a donkay.  M'kay?

Perhaps if you buy a thing it will help me to feel a bit better about why I am bothering to do this.

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