Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day three - so.... soup. We meet again.

I am  already pretty sick of that soup. I still have two days so go.  That's four more bowls of the same soup I made on Sunday night.

I am pretty sure that people living below the poverty line don't have the luxury of saying "I am bored with this, the only thing I can afford to eat, while I sit here in the dirt with my single, mangled up pot over a fire I built out of twigs after digging a thing all day wearing the same clothes I have been wearing since last March.  I'll have something else."

Luckily for me I only have to buy food with my $2 per day.  I already have clothes, shelter, electricity, fresh running water, cooking facilities, an air-conditioned office... well I happened to have half a peanut slab and two oranges available to me from my $10 budget.  So that is my dinner.  At least it's not soup.  I was so pleased to eat the peanut slab.  Crunch!  I have missed texture. Sludgy food is pretty depressing after nine meals in a row.

My workmate commented today "You'll be saving heaps of money on groceries."  Yes.  Yes I am.  I would normally spend, say $50 on groceries and $25 on coffee.  I am not going to talk about the I-can't-be-bothered-cooking-tonight pizza(s).  Well anyway, with the money I haven't spent on food this week I will be buying a duck and a goat from the Oxfam wishlist.

This makes me think of a joke my Nana copied out of the newspaper and wrote in my birthday card when I was about five.

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  1. Probably unhelpful, but kumara were $1.89 a kg at Avondale market on Sunday, I got $5 of ingredients and made pumpkin & Kumara soup that measured into 9 x containers I have frozen for my lunches at work. But I also got to cook on a brand new gas stove and was able to think about if I wanted to buy a new wool jumper in the weekend, or if I wanted to go to a hot pool instead with the money I didn't spend on food. I think that I will buy a bag of oats and a bunch of bananas for my breakfast for the next 10 days, and with the money saved I will buy breakfast for some kids in South Africa