Sunday, May 25, 2014

I've done my shopping

I carefully planned my list.  I changed my mind about eleventy twelve times (as is tradition with LBTL) as I tried to work out the PERFECT combination of foods to sustain me.  In the end I came up with this.  

I'll have oats for breakfast. That's a given. I do that every time.  They are filling and cheap and easy enough to prepare in the morning.  The next bit is that I will cook a great big batch of soup - ten portions - and eat that for lunch and dinner for five days.  It seems like a good idea - healthy, filling, easy.  BUT, if it doesn't work out somehow or if it is really gross then I am a bit stuffed.

Now the other teeny tiny complication is compulsory peanut butter Wednesday.  It's hard to explain.  I would ask Brenna to tell you guys all about it but she is on a mountain in America with three hundred lesbians and no internet access.  This all sounds very unlikely and confusing.  But trust me, all of what I have told you is real.

Well, after an avalanche of fascinating events at the supermarket, including oranges on special and misquoted price for stock cubes online, I had $1.29 to spare and so I managed to squeeze in, what I consider to be, a suitable substitute for peanut butter.  Here's the final list:

That means I have 44c left to frivolously throw about over the next 5 days.  Perhaps I'll use it to buy some new shoes or to have my nails done in a day spa in Greece.  Probably not the Greece one, I have to work.  Anyway, let's see what actual advice mallard has to say about the whole thing:

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