Saturday, May 17, 2014

So it's that time again, ladies and gentlemen...

I'm going to live below the line.  I'll be hungry and miserable.
I'm going to spam you with guilt laden pleas for money.  You'll be guilty and miserable.
And, well, we know the starving children aren't feeling that crash hot either.

So, this year I was supposed to Live Below the Line from the 5th of May, but I was at a conference with about six free meals a day, and I was hardly going to be missing out on that, was I?  I mean, free mentos!  So for me it will be 26th of May to 30th May.  5 days.  $2 per day.

Now, last year I know that many of my lovely friends were without income and feeling pretty impoverished themselves, but this year those very same friends are all cashed up from their sweet audiology jobs.  No excuses.  Like.  Share.  Donate.

As usual, I have taken the liberty of changing the donation process slightly, and created a wishlist on Oxfam.  You can choose from awesome gifts, like donkeys, gardens and fresh drinking water.  Plus you get to see a bunch of cute little pictures and feel all warm and squidgy in the knowledge that you did a very specific good thing, rather than an arbitrary thing that was probably good but you are not sure how.  Click on the link to your right =>

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