Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 15

Well today is the last day!! Woot! There were a few times I didn't think I would make it, yet here I am. I have $3.50, a carrot, an onion, 3 oranges, some oats, a little bit of pasta, some noodles and a tiny scrape of butter. I think I will survive the day, but I may never eat noodles again.

Tomorrow morning I will find the fanciest cafe I can and enjoy at least one, probably several, lattes. I will also be having steak for dinner with a selection of vegetables in colours other than orange.

But I still just have to make it through one last day.

Thanks to the generosity of some wonderful people, oxfam have received $323 via


Including fruit trees, chickens, a piglet, farming supplies, seeds and more. It's actually pretty fun to browse the gifts and to know precisely what your donation will fund. Plus it's tax deductible. And just plain nice.

So I'm still $687 short of my goal. Perhaps I set the goal too high? Or perhaps there are still generous strangers sitting waiting in the wings to see to it that I finished the whole 15 days. If you are one of those, or you just didn't get a round tuit, I have attached one here so you can whip away and complete your random act of kindness for today.

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