Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 10

So I woke up this morning with Kiddie Quads.  That is the pain experienced the day after a school screening, caused by crouching down to look into the ears of about a trillion primary school children.  Please bare in mind that each child has two ears, so that is a lot of crouching.

Another early morning made earlier still by the need to cook oats for breakfast and make a packed lunch.  Don't get me wrong, I understand the value of packing a lunch, but I normally have much more convenient options.  In order to live on this amount of money it is necessary to choose the least convenient options that require the most preparation.

What is it with my timing?  Last year when I was living below the line I was embarking upon a horrifying series of injections and blood tests required for uni before they will allow me to interact with the public.  This week, it so happens, is the tail end of that process.  I had a blood test on Wednesday to see if my Hep A and B immunity was all good, then today a nasty little TB jab which forms an itchy blister under the skin. 

Oh - I just realised that picture is of a lady trying to force a cat to smoke.  I thought she was giving it medicine when I saw the thumbnail.  Too bad.  It's there now.  You will enjoy it and you will laugh.  That is an order.

OK.  Well I'm off to make myself some soup now.  I have the remains of the chicken wings, 1/4 of an onion and 2 carrots.  This soup will be delicious.  Last year I made some soup and tried to stretch it too far, it was not delicious.  I will be careful not to put in too much water. 

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