Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 3

Oats for breakfast. Reminds me of my holiday in Edinburg. Let me be clear, they tasted nothing like the holiday oats; how could they without brown sugar and a big slurp of cream?

But filling? Yes!

Noodles for lunch.

When I got home, my lovely girlfriend attempted to donate a mince savoury to me. However the rules are clear "You must include the cost of any other food you get - from the pantry, the garden, or 'donated' by friends."

But why? "Living in extreme poverty means having $2 a day for all your food, shelter, health, education transport and any other living costs, in Australia." The point of the challenge would be defeated if I just accepted freebies from friends and family. Imagine: I go over to Kerry's house, she makes me a three course meal and send me home with a packed lunch. Well that's not so much a challenge about extreme poverty as social networking.

Anyway, I'll make you a deal: I'll get down off my soap box if you choose a gift from my oxfam wish list.

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