Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 8

So here's what happened.

I wanted to go to a fruit and veggie shop to spend the $4.95 I've saved up. So I googled and much to my surprise I found a place just a few k's down the road. I had no idea!

So I hop on my motorbike and click on the GPS and off I go: shop 16/ 8 Old Pacific Hwy. When I get to 8 Old Pacific Hwy, not only is there no 'Shop 16' but there are no shops at all. Grass and trees. Boo. What now?

So now I'm in the exact opposite direction I need to be to get to Aldi. The closest supermarket is Woolworths, which is arguably the most expensive supermarket around. Double booo. So I decide to just go to Woolies to see what I can find. Perhaps they might have some amazing gourmet dip reduced to clear for 20c... Hmm wishful thinking.

Anyways, I found some fruit and veggies for a decent price and then, while drooling over the deli department I spotted a miracle packet of chicken for $1.78. I just grabbed it before anyone else could and ran. How exciting.

So I have pasta, tinned tomatoes, half an onion... Tonight I shall feast!!!

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